Hello, and welcome to my devblog.
Here I am talking about my current project : NATD (Nothing about the dog), the development of a Point & Click adaptation of the novel Three Men in a Boat by Jerome K. Jerome using the AGS software. Unfortunately, the devblog will not be translate in English, but you will find here all the principal information about this project. Don't worry, the game is available in both French and English, as all my other ones.

Play chapter 10 of my Point'n'Click adaptation of the novel Three Men in a boat. To play, extract the archive and launch NATD_ags.exe. Available in English and French. It should take around ten minutes to complete. You can read the English topic of this game on the AGS forum.

Lema Sabachthani (8Mo)
You have been sentence to death.
But what you had done had to be done.
A small Point'n'Click made in one month for the MAGS February 2014. Theme: "Fictional Spirituality".

You Rock, Topus! (15Mo)
Will you convince your girlfriend's parents to let you marry her? The fact that you are half human, half octopus might be an issue.
A March 2015 MAGS game (theme:"Monsters"), made with Creamy.
Arrows: move the character
Space bar: Interact, skip text
Escape: Open/close menu
Enter: Select option from menu

ProjectPilot v1.1 (.zip archive, 13.2Mo)
This very small game (<10min) is a technical demo I made to learn how to use AGS. Even if it has no scenario, it might worth playing it because of its humor.
To play, extract the zip folder and run setup.exe to setup the game (and choose its language).

-AGS script modules
SIA Show Interactiv Areas (7ko)
A module to enlight interactive areas in point & click games. Learn more about it here. English instructions are available in the Read-me file.
IsoWalk (5ko)
An alternative Walk function that will try to force movements according to the 8 natural directions (up, bottom, left, right, and the four isometric diagonals). More infos here (in French...), but all English instructions are available in the Read-me file or in the header.

About NATD:
NATD will be my first game development experiment. As many first attempt, I will made several mistakes, and work with low efficiency. The final product will certainly look very amateur. I will adapt the book chapter by chapter, so the first playable version is containing only one chapter (the 10th). You can play it since December 2013 in English! Do it now!

Three Men in a boat - to say nothing of the dog.

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